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We Listen

       Before you even consider St. Johns as your family‚Äôs hearing provider, know that we serve forty retirement communities in the Bay area each and every month. We believe that a relationship is necessary to correcting hearing loss and this is why we dedicate so much time in retirement communities.

      When you are ready to set up a hearing appointment, we can meet you where your family feels most comfortable. You do not need to come into our office and possibly feel out of place. We want you and your family to feel comfortable and take your time in asking questions and learning about the hearing rehabilitation process.

      When you schedule a hearing test appointment, we sit down with the family and listen to the struggles your family member is experiencing with his/her hearing. We perform a hearing test and make recommendations based on what we think will fit the individual needs of your family member. We not only accept, but encourage, open discussion about hearing technology and our process. We want to make this an experience that not only helps your family member, but is one that you can enjoy in the process.